Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canoe Trip on the Chicago River today!

Colby Vargas, IGSS social studies teacher and Jeff Markham, IGSS English teacher have organized our very first excursion with IGSS students. I am excited to bond with these upcoming Jr. and Sr. students. Hoping to post some pictures soon!

On another note, my favorite Goodman Theatre is offering Free-Science-Themed readings in June on three Monday evenings in their Owen Theatre. Each reading will be followed by a discussion featuring Goodman artistic staff and noted experts in the fields of physics and bioengineering.

Owen Theatre - HAPGOOD by Tom Stoppard on June 8 at 6 pm

Owen Theatre - REYKJAVIK by Pulitzer prize-winning author Richard Rhodes on June 15, 6 pm

Owen Theatre - A NUMBER by Caryl Churchill

Seating for the readings is limited and reservations are required.
Call the Goodman box office at 312-443-3800.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

World Malaria Day 2009

Countdown to saving a million lives....
From the World Malaria Day website:
"Today, for the first time in 50 years, the international community is poised to win the fight against malaria worldwide. Effective, low-cost tools exist to prevent and treat the disease and new and improved tools are currently being developed and tested. A consensus global action plan has been put forth to guide a coordinated international effort to control, eliminate and eventually eradicate malaria. A robust Partnership, uniting all key actors and stakeholders in malaria control, is in place to respond to challenges that no organization or government can face alone.

The next two years present a rare window of opportunity to save a million lives by rapidly delivering malaria interventions - protective nets, diagnostic tests, antimalarial drugs and indoors spraying - to all people at risk of the disease and to pave the way towards virtually ending deaths by 2015.

Each 30 seconds, a child dies from malaria. Each of these deaths is avoidable. Join the world’s largest international effort to end malaria deaths. The countdown has begun."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Use Energy, Get Rich and Save the Planet

John Tierney argues that there will be no green revolution due to our downward economy and conservation of resources. BUT the good news is that "The richer everyone gets, the greener the planet will be in the long run." Read today's analysis at the NY Times. His argument relies on the Kuznets curve--downward slopes on carbon emissions the richer a nation becomes. I get it...but somehow don't buy it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day April 22, 2009

Check out the U.S. Government Earth Day website for a detailed list of classroom activities.

Earth Day in Your Classroom:
For teachers

* Environmental Protection Agency Teaching Center
* National Institutes of Health - Tox Map: Resources for Teachers
* National Institutes of Health: Tox Town
* NOAA Education: Primarily for Teachers

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Twitter Tools

I am co-teaching a class with Matt Stuczynski on Twitter to students for the Student Alliance T.E.L.L. day (Teach Experience Learn Live). I would like to see IGSS students next school year learn how to create a personal learning network via Twitter. Twitter is a social media for staying connected in real-time. It can be done from a computer or mobile phone. Take a look at 100 tools that can help twittering teachers make the most out of this helpful microblogging tool.

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