Wednesday, August 15, 2012

“The greening of America starts first with the pocket, then with the heart and then with the mind.”

Watch this inspiring TED TALK from educator Stephen Ritz:
"Stephen Ritz is a South Bronx teacher/administrator who believes that students shouldn't have to leave their community to live, learn and earn in a better one. Moving generations of students into spheres of personal and academic successes they have never imagined while reclaiming and rebuilding the Bronx, Stephen’s extended student and community family have grown over 25,000 pounds of vegetables in the Bronx while generating extraordinary academic performance.
His Bronx classroom features the first indoor edible wall in NYC DOE which routinely generates enough produce to feed 450 students healthy meals and trains the youngest nationally certified workforce in America. His students, traveling from Boston to Rockefeller Center to the Hamptons, earn living wage en route to graduation."

Do you think IGSS students would be interested in creating an indoor edible wall at NT?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another cool tool for IGSSers

Just discovered 
"Draw It" which is an online collaborative whiteboard.  We use whiteboards in class several times per week so I thought this might work well for IGSS.

No registration required and no plugs-ins necessary.

New Trier Organic Garden