Saturday, June 28, 2008

Human Development Reports - 2007/2008 Streaming videos

The Human Development Report 2007/2008 warns that "the world has less than a decade to avoid a climate change crisis that could bring unprecedented reversals in poverty reduction, nutrition, health and education to the world's poorest people".

Connected to this report are a series of worthwhile streamed videos which highlight the summary aspects of the report:Climate Change and Human Development; Climate Change and Human Rights; Climate Change and Effects on the Poor.

In addition there is broacast footage for the Science of Climate Change and videos relating to water, agriculture, Ecosystem Collapse, Adaptation and Mitigation efforts.

These are wonderful teacher resources for teaching the complex topic of Climate Change. I love the Climate Change advocacy posters available for printing in any size. Since our AV department got a new poster maker, I will make these available for the Environmental Club or any teachers who would like them.

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