Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ten Questions About Evolution Answered

Intelligent design advocates work to prove the weaknesses in evolutionary theory.
The New York Times has printed those 10 questions, along with responses compiled by the National Center for Science Education.

More questions posed by intelligent design proponents can be found on the Discovery Institute site,

More information about biological evolution can be found at

A related story discusses how Florida schools are currently trying to implement the teaching of evolution as mandated by legislators this year amid a population increasingly advocating the teaching of intelligent design.


  1. Here's a link to Jonathon Wells' respons. It might take a little time to read it, but it's quite informative and worth the effort.

    Aparently, the NCSE has grossly misrepresented much of the data they cite in their response to the original questions.

  2. Whoops, two typos:

    Here's a link to Jonathan Well's response:



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