Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speaker Today!

Brooks Scott, regional manager of Patagonia gave a thoughtful presentation on the footprint of its products.

Their philosophy is: A belief in "in using business to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis".

Patagonia is committed to making quality products with processes that cause the least harm to the environment. They evaluate raw materials, invest in innovative technologies, rigorously police their waste and use a portion of our sales to support groups working to make a real difference. Those who work there share a strong commitment to protecting undomesticated lands and waters.

Read more at The Footprint Chronicles!

Day 3 of Research continues on footprint project.

topics include:

Nik and Claire ---gym towels
Katie and Anna ---transportation to school
Spencer and Ryan -meat at NT
Danielle and Jess-paper towel
Emily & Christian-salt and plowing
John and Josh ----water on sports fields
Leslie and Liza-- paper bags use in the cafeteria
Rachel and Bella- water bottles
Jesse and Jeremy- plastic water bottles
Annie and Josie-- light bulbs
Hanna and Alex -- lighting/electricity
Ali ---carbon footprint of transporting food to NT
Corey and Elle ---construction project at NT
James and Patrick-fertilizer and lawn care at NT
Dylan and Alex L.- computers and electricity
Claire H. --energy efficient or hybrid cars
Gabby --computers and electricity
Ellen --NT fields and their impact
Joe --use of textbooks at NT

Student initiated project: Completion of service project-- students bought supplies to pack hundreds of sack lunches to donate to Niles Township Food Pantry. On an assembly line students made sandwiches, added chips/pretzels and fruit chewies during the break time.

Town Hall Meeting to prioritize ideas for future fundraising.

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