Thursday, March 24, 2011

Showcasing Visualization Tools from Data For Change

ThinkQuarterly, Google's new online journal, has devoted its first issue to DATA: one section seems worthwhile for IGSS students to browse as they think about change in the world and how it can be facilitated using the latest information.


See trends shaping our world --everything from wealth and health to education and climate is rigorously analyzed and interpreted as dynamic graphs that represent life in every corner of the globe.

Development Seed

With a focus on international development, this tool makes complex datasets easy to understand using  easy-to-read visualisations or maps.


Free to download, StatPlanet is a browser-based application that creates customized maps, graphs and visualisations from several interlocking datasets.  Social Watch uses it to publish a constantly updated map that charts relative poverty and wellbeing across the world.


This online mapping tool aggregates information from disparate open data sources to offer a comprehensive view of the state of global health using sources such as the World Health Organization, Google News and the Wildlife Disease Information.

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