Monday, October 17, 2011

Seniors Visit the Ann Nathan Gallery downtown Chicago

On Friday we viewed the glorious painting of George Klauba, a self-taught painter who boldly painted the adventures of sailors tracking down Moby Dick.  We asked many questions of Klauba who explained how he connected to comics of Moby Dick in the 1940s and was as sailor in the navy as a young man.  He became a  commercial artist and worked in that field prior to becoming an innovative painter. He developed his style on his own during weekends and evenings.  When he lost his job in 1991 he became a full time painter. Klaube also explained his use of bird faces on people:  it allows the viewer to imagine their own ideas about the person in the painting.  As visual references, Klauba primarily used 19th C. engravings of sailors and the Classic Comic books of Moby Dick.  Unfortunately for us, he sold his painting of Ishmael.

View the slideshow from our trip:

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