Thursday, December 6, 2007

Activist Idea

These Come from Trees blog is hoping to save a couple hundred thousand trees per year. Did you know:
Quick Facts about "These Come From Trees"
* Testing shows a "These Come From Trees" sticker on a paper towel dispenser reduces paper towel consumption by ~15%
* A typical fast food restaurant with two bathrooms can use up to 2000 pounds of paper towels a year
* The average coffee shop uses 1000 pounds of paper towels a year
* A single tree produces around 100 pounds of paper
* A single "These Come From Trees" sticker can save around a tree's worth of paper, every year
* Roughly 50,000 fast food restaurants in the US
* 200,00 gas stations in the US
* 14,000 McDonalds' in the US
* There are 10,000 Starbucks in the US
Seems like a simple, but effective activist idea.

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