Friday, December 14, 2007

Sustainable Architecture in Chicago

Don't miss this exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago: open through January 7, 2007

Learn about works in progress in the Chicago area, which emphasize creative approaches that are not only environmentally sound but also aesthetically significant.
This exhibition features environmentally-responsible and ethical approaches to land use, materials, and energy-efficient practices with specific examples of how such ideas are being applied locally.

One of the really interesting projects done by Studio Gang Architects is the "Bird Nest" building at the Ford Environmental Center in Calumet, IL. Using salvaged steel, a basket like mesh on the outside of the building prevents migrating birds from flying into the large glass windows. Almost 100 million birds die annually by crashing into glass. This environmentally sound design includes geothermal heat pumps, earth tubes, a bio mass boiler, wind turbines, and water collection systems.

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