Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Library Acquisitions to Support IGSS

500 The best American science and nature writing 2007 /edited by Richard Preston.

621.45 W835 Developing wind power projects : theory and practice /Tore Wizelius.

621.042 Earth, the sequel : the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming / Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn.

363.7 B794 Earth under fire : how global warming is changing the world / Gary Braasch.

630 E12 The Earthscan reader in sustainable agriculture /edited by Jules Pretty.

333.7 N163 Energy alternatives / by Andrea C. Nakaya.

333.72 E61 Environment : an interdisciplinary anthology /ed.Glenn Adelson.

363.7 M158 Fight global warming now : the handbook for taking action in your community / Bill McKibben and the Step It Up Team.

551.6 Fixing climate : what past climate changes reveal about the current threat--and how to counter it /Wallace S. Broecker and Robert Kunzig.

333.72 F721 Forging environmentalism : justice, livelihood, and contested environments / Joanne Bauer, ed.

630.973 H758 From the farm to the table : what all Americans need to know about agriculture / Gary Holthaus.

333.79 E92 Fueling our future : an introduction to sustainable energy / Robert L. Evans.
337 S675
Fugitive denim : a moving story of people and pants in the borderless world of global trade / Rachel Louise Snyder.

697.78 G137 Gaiam Real Goods solar living sourcebook : your complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living / John Schaeffer.

363.728 Garbage and recycling / Mitchell Young, book editor.

628.4 R892 Garbage land : on the secret trail of trash /Elizabeth Royte.

333.72 The geography of hope : a tour of the world we need /Chris Turner.

172 P746 Global ethics : seminal essays / Thomas Pogge, Keith Horton.

REF 333.72 G562h
Global resources / Clare Hanrahan, book editor.

363.7 B525 Global warming and climate change / by Emma Carlson Berne.

690.83 S314 The home energy diet : how to save money by making your house energy-smart / Paul Scheckel.

363.7 F911 Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America / Thomas L. Friedman.

551.6 W179 The hot topic : what we can do about global warming Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King.

613 P771 In defense of food: an eater's manifesto / Michael Pollan.

363.7 N669 The little green handbook : seven trends shaping the future of our planet / Ron Nielsen.

523.2 C797 Lives of the planets : a natural history of the solar system / Richard Corfield.

304.2 N278 Native Americans and the environment : perspectives on the ecological Indian/ Michael E. Harkin and David Rich Lewis (eds).

333.72 F519 The new environmental regulation / Daniel J. Fiorino.

658.827 K64n No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo / Naomi Klein.

333.73 D476
The origins of modern environmental thought
/ J. Edward de Steiguer.

615.9 S399 Poisoned nation : pollution, greed, and the rise of deadly epidemics / Loretta Schwartz-Nobel.

303.49 Z21 The post-American world / Fareed Zakaria.

333.72 W452 Preserving the nation : the conservation and environmental movements, 1870-2000 /
Thomas R.Wellock.

576.82 Q1 The reluctant Mr. Darwin : an intimate portrait of Charles Darwin and the making of his theory of evolution / David Quammen.

636.0832 A545 Rescued : saving animals from disaster : life-changing stories and practical suggestions/ Allen.

577 F236 Saving nature's legacy : origins of the idea of biological diversity / Timothy J. Farnham.

333.95 S559 Should drilling be permitted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?/David M. Haugen (ed.)

333.72 E26 The sustainability revolution : portrait of a paradigm shift / Andres R. Edwards.

305.40973 Visible women : new essays on American activism /

303.49 V836w Vital signs 2007-2008 : The trends that are shaping our future / Worldwatch Institute.

576.8 N935 Terra: Our 100-year-old Ecosystem and the Threats That Now Put it at Risk/Michael Novacek.

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