Monday, October 20, 2008

UNEP: Atlas of our Changing Environment

The UNEP: Atlas of our Changing Environment has partnered with several federal agencies to facilitate the flow of developing country data to the North American scientific community. Atlas of Our Changing Environment on Google Maps

Through illustrations, satellite images, ground photographs (powered by Google Maps), this interactive media depicts and describes humanity's past and present impact on the environment. The primary focus is on environmental status and trends over the last 30 years, in terms of both physical and human geography. This online atlas allows for visualizing change over time from human impacts on the planet.

Its mission is "To provide the world community with improved access to meaningful environmental data and information, and to help increase the capacity of governments to use environmental information for decision making and action planning for sustainable human development."

See One Planet Many People to download pdf files from the Atlas, as well as Powerpoint presentations and posters. See sample poster of San Francisco.

UNEP uses Google Earth to Put You in the Cockpit --Take a Five Second Flight to Top Environmental Hot Spots. Don't miss this virtual tour.

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