Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is Greg Mortensen a "Big Phoney"?

Three Cups of Tea was the IGGS summer read in 2010.
Question for debate: Is Greg Mortensen a "Big Phoney"?

It was devastating to learn that Greg Mortensen's memoir, Three Cups of Tea will be under investigation by Viking Press after allegations by 60 Minutes that events didn't happen as recorded by Mortensen and also that Mortensen has been accused of using his charitable foundation money as a personal ATM machine.

Watch the "60 Minutes" segment here. Read the "60 Minutes" story here.

Publisher of ‘Three Cups of Tea’ to Conduct Review

Mortensen has admitted that some poetic license was taken by his ghost writer David Oliver Relin and that basically he's "not a journalist".  
Do librarians need to re-shelve his books under FICTION?

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