Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Twitterverse is Surprisingly Quiet on Mortensen and CAI

Some recent tweets:
The Heroic Lie: A Brief Inquiry Into The Fake Memoir http://t.co/Rj4HrIY via @The_Rumpus #Mortensen

RT @vali_nasr: Regardless of what you think of Greg #Mortensen's books, the principle of "three cups if tea" is true. That he got right.

Nick #Kristof is right: Greg #Mortensen of #3cupsoftea is a visionary, not a CEO. http://nyti.ms/huTCot Things got seriously offtrack at CAI

Is it a scandal if the info was rt in front of U? Lessons learned from #Mortensen #3cupsoftea via @Philanthropy http://bit.ly/eWBtFV

The most frequently re-tweet:
RT : I'm beginning to think Greg Mortensen only drank one or two cups of tea. 

Greg Mortensen's Twitter feed: Greg is in hospital & asked this to be shared   thanks for blessings [ this is Kristof's 4/20 piece]

Sadia Ashraf, CAIs Outreach, keep you informed while Greg hospitalized. Go to www.ikat.org for new updates on developing story - here is a comprehensive statement on CAI. So it seems like they are trying to get on top of the story.

From the LA Times Book blog:

The latest in the Greg Mortenson controversy: His climbing partner responds

April 26, 2011

It's very difficult to know what to think about this episode....can't even find a damning story on the Drudge Report!

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