Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2 and we're off and running

Today in IGSS [Mountains Beyond Mountains unit]
Whole group lecture on history of Haiti
Small groups of 4: each group reading/annotating different primary source documents
Large group--small groups present out on the question:

How do the primary source documents point to the current situation in Haiti politically, socially, and economically?
This discussion to be continued tomorrow.

Whole Group Outdoors: Science Lab on Spread of Microbes

readings --emerging infectious diseases and pathogens. Readings/ questions assigned.

Instructions for outdoors "lab" (not raining and 67 degrees)
1) Everyone receives a small dixie cup of a solution. Do not drink/taste.
Make Qualitative and Quantitative observations.
2) Share solutions by pouring yours into ONE other person's cup and they pour into yours. Make predictions about how infections spread.
3) Phenolphthalein indicator - dropped into your solution -- looking for color pink
4) 2nd time do 2 exhanges (repeat: do another exchange of solutions)
5) 3rd time do 3 exhanges
6) disposal instruction for solutions.

How do we display information when writing up science lab?

data tables
How do we write a formal lab report?

observations - both qualitative and quantitative
analysis -With each exchange the infection doubled. Must include how readings on infectious disease informs your work with experiments.
We will work on write ups in small groups tomorrow to give enough time to incorporate our readings on infectious disease.

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