Friday, August 28, 2009

Town Hall Meeting Today

Town Hall Meeting
Ideas for group IGSS Projects:
Service Project
PIH Fundraiser
Music Monday
"Show & Tell" Interests
Name Games
Global Food Days - IGSS Food Committee
Global Art Days - global art exhibit - mural ideas
Video chats across the Globe
IGSS Theme song and/or movie
Advisery publicity committee
Senior Carnival project
T.E.L.L. Day could be sponsored by IGSS

Discussion of IGSS class expectations; philosophy of education**; general responsibilities; IGSS grading and levels

Discussion of History Reading: Juniors go to room 121; Seniors meet in room 123

Groups teach each other history.

Science in 123: Microorganisms

**Philosophy of Education:
"The IGSS will be driven by individuals who open-mindedness inspires the spirit of inquiry, who personal involvement is fueled by compassion, and whose convictions lead them to be responsibly active, both locally and globally, in the world outside the walls of New Trier."

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