Monday, August 31, 2009

Natives of Haiti Speaking to Students Today

Speakers: Two New Trier employees, Mr. Bonhomme and Mr Cayemitte, brought a group of about 6-8 teachers to Haiti this summer to explore possibilities for helping Haiti.

Mr. Bonhomme and Mr. Cayemitte spoke about current health, education, welfare and the employment situation in Haiti. They spoke of historical and political conditions that have contributed to current problems in Haiti and of their wish to help their people.

History: Small Groups teaching each other from Zinn and Diamond readings. Juniors and Seniors in mixed groups today.

Library Research
: final hour
"So What do You Care About?" or a Plan for Action. Students will work individually or in small groups to select a problem that is solvable in the world and to present a plan of action. Research in the library is launched today with independent work continuing through the week. Poster session presentations due on Friday.

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