Thursday, September 16, 2010

Continuing Research Today: “What Should Be Next in Pakistan and Afghanistan?”

Today, our IGSS time was spent on research for a think thank hired to help President Obama answer the question “What Should Be Next in Pakistan and Afghanistan”. Students may take on any roles (Economic experts, scientists, linguists, engineers,etc) but all student groups are assumed to be presenting to an audience including the President, a representative of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Presidential Science Adviser.

Today, the library lesson was focused on advanced searching in databases, specifically Proquest. Students were also asked to search for "Scholarly Journals" starting with the database JSTOR.

Nina Lynn,theater teacher, gave a lesson on presentation techniques and tips. She spoke about appearance, posture, energy, language, media, and also practicing as a group. Use visual media for those things you can't necessarily explain. Let the presentation be about the group members' and not the media. Are there pacing ideas?
1) know your time frame and practice !!
2) concentrate on breath; during transitions between ideas - use signposting: use your body to show that you are changing ideas.
3) transition to visuals - point and slow down
4) slow down and make connection to your audience

How can we be less nervous? - Be super prepared! Find those "friendly" faces in the audience and turn to them and just worry about connecting to them. You have those people to go back to...and rely on to boost your confidence.

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