Friday, September 3, 2010

IGSS journals

-get a journal with lots of clean pages
-must be 6" by 8" or larger
-will include various styles of writing, some sketching, various media that you've pasted, taped, or glued
-will be collected periodically, but not after each journal entry

journal entry # and titledate assigneddate duebrief description
Mosque Visit
Journal Entry
Sept. 1 2010Sept. 3
  Thoughtfully answer the below questions in your journal (or on a piece of paper that you can later attach to your journal).
·         What did you know about Islam before our visit?
·         What specifically did you learn about Islam?  Practices?  Beliefs?
·         What aspects of our visit surprised you or left an impression on you?  Do explain your reaction.
·         What was your reaction to our need to dress modestly?  In particular, what was your reaction to wearing a headscarf (or seeing your classmates wearing them) and/or to covering our bodies?   

Seniors: Read "Is Islam Misogynistic" for Tuesday's class; Mosque visit journals due

Looking ahead next week:  What should the US be doing in Pakistan? Afghanistan? how do we achieve justice there? work for it? act justly?

 IGSS Science:  data analysis of household water use; -direct water use tracking

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