Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Cups of Tea and our Moral Compass

Judge and react to these propositions, using a numerical scale or a likert scale (strong agree...agree...etc.):
Place yourself on the spectrum
I couldn't disagree more ____________________________I believe this whole-heartedly.

United States citizens have a special obligation to those in need around the world, as our foreign policy, military actions and economic might have created many of the unfortunate situations around the world.

Other propositions to react to:

The United States is open to diversity, and tolerant of many types of people and ideas. 

What happened on September 11 justifies many actions - torture, bombing, making war, accidental civilian deaths --that might otherwise appear to be unjust or immoral.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.  We can not judge others without understanding their history, their context.

It is acceptable to work with groups like the ISI (Pakistani Secret Service) even though they have cooperated with the Taliban in the past, as Pakistan plays a place of great strategic importance.

Once our nation interferes with a country like Afghanistan or Iraq, it is our responsibility to nation.

The sacrifice of some human life is acceptable if there is a reasonable belief in the creation of a safer future.

Nations may intervene in the affairs of other nations or people whenever their freedom or livelihood is endangered.

It is wrong to build a religious or cultural institution in a locality that will offend residents.

Today, students stood in the spectrum which most represented their view; they discussed and defended their ideas. The will write a reflective entry in the journals on one of these propositions, possibly one discussed today.

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