Tuesday, September 1, 2009

25 Students Who will Change the World

One of them is my niece, Sophie Sharp, a senior high school student in Jackson, MS.
Hoping that some of our IGSS students will join the ranks of those who change the world.

I. Moral Obligations discussions/arguments 1/2 class
There is no moral obligation to strangers.
Our greatest obligation is to help the neediest.
Our greatest obligation is to those nearest (our families; those with political allegiences).
Our greatest obligation is to those we have personally harmed.

II. Students growing bacteria in the lab room 102 - 1/2 class

III. Classes switch so that each has science lab and moral obligations discussion.

IV. Guest speaker Sue Walsh from "Little by Little", a nurse practioner who has practiced in Haiti. "Piti piti na rive" (little by little, we will arrive) is a proverb spoken cofounder of "Zanmi Lasante" (Partners In Health) who has devoted his life to delivering healthcare to the poor.

Assignment for Thursday, read Chapt. 1 of Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan.

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