Monday, November 30, 2009

Emerson Readings --Journals

Small Group Discussions:

Each student shared thoughts from their journal by sharing important concepts such as:

Quotes - "Nature is a discipline of the understanding in intellectual truths".

Thoughts - Nature in itself is a "truth".

Revelations - A wise man will look at the parts, not just the sum of the parts. There is a universal soul in everything. When you understand something, it becomes beautiful.

Questions - Is nature an ethical discipline? Is all art beautiful?

Larger Group Discussion:
Address questions:
Do readings seem contradictory. p 13 - The wise man is one who can see gray areas. p. 15 "Each creature is only a modification of EACH other."

Is Emerson seeing unity? How does he articulate the world? Oftentimes, people don't have words to describe their thoughts. When you head into territory outside your articulate world.... trying to put thoughts into words will always fail.Words will let you down when it comes to very abstract thoughts. Because of the nature of words, you will sound like you are contradicting yourself. Putting things into action works better...
p. 16 The wise man in doing one thing is doing all...

The language we use needs to be grounded in spiritual reality. As soon as language gets intellectualized and too many steps away from nature, then it becomes corrupt.
(then WE become corrupt.

Movie Clip - from Waking Life

Handout--Speed Levitch "We are the Authors" (ghost reading)...continual reading by several readers
"The world is an exam to see if we can rise into direct experience. Our eyesight is here as a test to see if we can see beyond it. Matter is here as a test for our curiosity. Doubt is here as an exam for our vitality."

"On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion."

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