Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicago Poetry Reading/Analysis & Discussion

November 4, 2009 IGSS Blog post:

Reading/Discussion of Carl Sandburg's 1916 poem "Nigger" from Chicago Poems.

Is this a racist poem? What does this say about black identity? Does Sandburg consider them to have an American identity?

Discussion/analysis of a more contemporary poem - Gwendolyn Brooks' poem "Riot" in 1968. Written after the assassination of Martin Luther King and during the race riots.

Is this a negative portrayal of blacks. What does it say about black identity, race identity and race politics?

Chicago History lesson: Chicago History: DBQ (Document-Based Question)
1. show off and assess knowledge of Chicago History
2. practice incorporating historical sources (both secondary and primary) into an argument
3. formulate strong thesis statements
4. strategize and outline ideas in preparation for critical writing and speaking
Essay Prompts (each group will choose two of these):
A. In what ways did Chicago, at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, perfectly represent the United States?
B. How might the city of Chicago claim to be the stage on which the most important change(s) in United States History were played out?
C. Has the story of Chicago and its natural environment been predominantly one of human dominance or human adaptation?

Due at the end of today, Wed November 4th:

Chicago Research Paper rough draft
Task assigned for DBQ:
I. View the powerpoint of historical sources (culled from student work in this unit)
II. Choose two of the three prompts above. For each one;
a. Write a strong thesis in response. Use our shared readings, classroom discussions, and experiences to make the thesis arguable and focused.
b. Write an outline of what your essay response would be. This shouldn’t be a sentence outline, but must indicate what evidence you will use and how you will use the evidence. You should use at least one source from the PPT, and may supplement with whatever primary or secondary sources you like from this unit.
c. Prepare to display your outlines and key sources to the class from your computer. Send the outline (or give a hard copy of it) to Mr. Vargas at the end of class Wednesday.

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