Monday, November 23, 2009

Environmental Readings

"A Good Oak" - Aldo Leopold
Explain how Leopold connects the life of a tree with his depiction of U.S. History.
According to Leopold, what should our relationship to the land be?

How does this connect to Thoreau's Walden?
Will nature outlast humans?

"A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf" - John Muir
Summarize Muir's view of creation and the implications this has for us as humans.

What suggestions might Muir have for 21st Century Americans?

"Prosperity" - Gifford Pinchot

What is Pinchot's vision of our nation's relation to the land? Why is he arguing for national parks and forest preserves?

"The More Factor" - Laurence Shames

What is the More Factor? What national relationship with the land is Shames proposing?

String Game: connecting species with the web of life

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