Friday, November 6, 2009

Green Chicago?

Discussion of three assigned readings/articles:

1) The Greening of Chicago
--Daley as a green mayor

2) A Green City Skeptic
-Questions Chicago's ability to become green; not as green as it seems

3) America's 50 Greenest Cities
-- Chicago ranked 9th of 11 top green American cities

Students develop their own questions based upon teacher questions:

**Write tough questions for the mayor of Chicago.

1) Why isn't Chicago doing more recycling?
2) What can be done about Chicago transportation infrastructure?
3) What can be done to provide more bike lanes?
4) Why aren't there more opportunities for recreation at the Chicago River? The NT rowing team members have staph infections from the river.
5) What can be done about light pollution?
6) How can Chicago promote LED lightbulbs?
7) How efficient is our electricity use
8) How is going green helpful to the poor?
9) How can we say Chicago is "green" when the Chicago River is in such bad shape?
10)What is your plan to bring in grassroots ideas to the political machine in Chicago?
11) How can we implement green architecture and green urban planning so that Chicago builders have incentives to become more green?
12) Is it possible to get energy from the Chicago River?
13) How do you spend on some green initiatives that are so many other demands, such as education?
14) How can Chicago reduce rush hour traffic and increase car pools?

Teacher questions:

Is a zero emissions bus a possibility? Each bus costs $2 million
What has Chicago done to take natural gas emissions byproducts(which releases C02 and water)to help make more energy? They are using the water to make steam = more energy.
Do solar panels work without a lot of sun?
How can homes be heated with waste?
How do underwater turbine engines produce energy? The Hudson River uses this technology now. It works like a wind turbine.

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