Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final Presentations Today: Carbon Footprint Proposals

Six groups gave oral presentations for their Community Footprint Proposals:

Bathrooms - Wasteful Washrooms
hand dryers in lieu of paper towels;
toilet, urinal & sink replacements

Food - Saving the World One Lunch at a Time

meatless Mondays to reduce our carbon footprint

Water - Reusable Water Bottles & Cups/Sustainability

moving toward bottled water free campus by 2014

Cars - Transportation to School: "It's More Fun to Carpool"
carpool parking permit proposal

Lighting - Be the Change (Our Community Affects the World)
Smartmeters; Blackout Once month to increase awareness; earlier light curfews

Books and Computers
1:1 Laptop initiative; move away from textbooks to ebooks
71% English class texts are available digitally


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