Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Not Just About Climate Change

Guest speaker: Sustainability/Energy Efficiency Consultant Jones Lange

Converging Forces and Trends

Mass acceptance of gloabl warming, climate change

Rising energy prices

Widely accepted green building standards

Possible cap & trade on GHG emissions

Customer, employee, and shareholder pressures

Companies trying to enhance their brand image

Talent recruitment and retention - people want to work for green companies

Workplace mobility increasing; distributed work practices

U.S. Federal Government Action - needs to be some utility rebates and/or government intervention and support to help with initial high costs

Obama energy plan: (very attainable goals)
reduce carbon emissions 89% by 2050 ( will come through using renewable sources)
implement cap & trade system
25% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025
All new buildings carbon neutral by 2030
increase exisiting buildings' efficiency by 25% by 2010
establish grant program for early adopters
flip incentives to energy utilities

Core beliefs and understandings make a big difference
Chicago accelerated Green Permit Program (get permit in 15 days)
Energy Star - can be obtained for your building
LED General Lighting Two Years Away (LED technology changing evolving every 6 mos)

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