Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Unit: Darwin

So What Does Make Us Human?
“It’s quite clear that it is a case of human error, Dave.”
Choose one of the elements below as the most essential of being human. In your small groups,come up with a clear and concise defense to your position. You must employ evidence from at least two disciplines of thought.

(“disciplines of thought” =Psychology, Biology, Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Music, Visual Arts . . . . )

tools and technology
a soul
ability to conceive of a future
social behavior and cooperation
rational thinking
food chain dominance
cranial capacity
belief in a higher power
art/the sublime
a series of excellent adaptations

Topics in Human Evolution
Primate Adaptations
Hominid Characteristics
Chimpanzee Societies
Chimp/Hominid Divergence
Eve Hypothesis
Cultural/Social Evolution of early humans

Fictional Treatment: Inherit the Wind

Junior focus: Darwin as the clash of modern and tradition in the 1920s

Senior focus: Science as a source of truth - Epistemology, etc.

January 29th Field Trip Excursion: Zoo and Field Museum "Evolving Planet" exhibit

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