Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today in IGSS

Recap Orienteering Field Trip with video/pics/stories:
Highlights from Northshore orienteering:
Wilmette Historcial Society --learning about Skokie Lagoons, a CCC project during the Great Depression; Martin Luther King Memorial in Winnetka, oldest Jeweler in Wilmette; Kenilworth Water tower; Frank Lloyd Wright inspired houses; Kerrigan Plumbing in Wilmette; Roemer Park built from donated farm land in 1953; Crow Island woods; 1837 Schmidt-Burnham log house, Centennial Park in Winnetka, Indian Hill Golf Club; Wagner Farm in Glenview - interview with Todd, 8th generation farmer from Iowa; interview with Mr. Mort Balaban house builder on the northshore; Winnetka Ravines; Glencoe Beach; Wilmette Historical Society; Tower Rd. Beach Water Filtration Plant; Plaza del Lago.

Continuing Paradigm Shift presentations:

Space Travel - a clash of science and religion
Is Obama's policy on cutting funding to NASA so that he can focus on domestic issues a prudent policy?

Darwin - clash of science and religion
Natural selection skit: Does Darwin believe in God? How has Darwin changed science forever?

Science Lab: North Shore Geology: Introduction

Early Chicago History Readings ---due next Tuesday the 13th.

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