Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Our Neighborhood" Literature Circles Today

It is every group member's responsibility to be current with all group determined reading assignments and uphold their group responsibility. Here are the descriptions of roles within the Literature circle:

Group Leader: summarizes work keeps everyone on schedule and organizes all sheets

Passage Selector
: find 3 key passages for each assignment; complement what group leader has done --complete passage selector sheet

Word Specialist: look for interesting and important words and word usage in your book.--complete word specialist sheet

Chicago Historian: research on a significant location mentioned in each reading assignment; provide images and historical information; keep your eyes open for interesting references in the book

Discussion Leader: lead a discussion on each section of the book and prepare aseries of factual and inferential questions.

Meeting Dates: 10/22; 10/29; 11/5; and 11/12.

Science Lab: Room 102 --Prepare for Geology of Michigan Avenue Trip - Rock Cycle

Field Trip tomorrow to Chicago!

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