Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicago Through Three Lenses

Boy, have we been busy on Chicago!
Monday students came for an hour to do more research on their Chicago topics. Students were given time to put together presentations from Friday's field trip exploring the Geology of Michigan Ave. and "looking for the soul" of Chicago via architecture.

Tuesday we heard presentations from students on Chicago architecture and continued to work on research. In class research today for a primary source on a historical Chicago event to prepare with a partner some materials to teach others what this event reveals about Chicago and how it impacts the U.S. as a whole.

After presentations, students broke into Junior and Senior sections.

Juniors: History lesson
Short history lesson - timeline of events post-fire 1871 to present.

Seniors: English lesson- writing techniques --how to integrate quotes into your paper

Groups switched teachers after about 1 hour, so they had benefit of history and English instruction today.

Chicago Through 3 Lenses:

Student presentations on:

Today, Lens #1 Chicago, City of Really Great Parties

1893 Columbian Exposition

1934 World's Fair - Century of Progress

1968 Democratic Nation Convention

Lens #2 - Change Starts Here

1877 Great Railroad Strike
1984 Pullman Strike
1966 Chicago Freedom Movement

Next Monday: Lens# 3

Haymarket Riot 1886
Race Riots of 1919
1929 St. Valenine's Day Massacre
1969 Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers

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