Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chicago Lit Circles will be formed

Chicago book choices include:

Dybek, Stuart. The Coast of Chicago: Stories
Ferber, Edna So Big
Kotlowitz, Alex. Never a City So Real
Langer, Adam. Crossing California
Lombardo, Billy. The Logic of the Rose: Chicago Stories
Niffenegger, Audrey. The Time Traveler's Wife
Paretsky, Sara. Hardball

Illinois Geology - Glacial Geology of Chicago and vicinity
Interpret geologic maps and develop a geologic history of Illinois:

Geologists are said to be "story tellers". Using the maps and info provided, tell the story of Illinois as would be written by a geologist. Use as much information and detail from the maps that have been provided. Please cite at least three of the readings/resources.

Writing tips: Common wrong turns
on essays for Sirens of Titan: Reflections on in-class essays
You slipped into a summary of the book for either part or for the entire essay. Here, you lost contact with the prompt. Why?

You need to directly respond to the prompt, "someone up there likes me"...

You made a point about the very end of the book without mentioning that the very end is a delusion. Why?

The prompt asked you to reflect on the overall message of the book. You didn't why?

You tended to figure out what you wanted to say as you went. Did you choose to write without making some sort of outline. Why?

Did you make another sort of mistake? Why did you make this mistake?

Poetry Slam

Class poets on light and life and nature: vote for the poem you like best.

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