Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paradigm Shifts That Rocked our World: Presentations

First Presentation - Freudian Psychoanalysis - explanation of Id, Ego, and Superego; lesson with newscast demonstrating pre and post Freudian thinking.

Second Presentation - Nationalism
War games - make flag, gang sign/symbol, song/chant, reasons for attacking, choosing a country to attack
Film - The Wave - extremism
Film - examples of historical nationalism

Third Presentation: Genetics
simulation, video - Gattica clip & discussion.
1) How does genetics chang your perception of what we are?
2) Does genetic engineering limit human potential or expand it?
3) How did the discovery of genetics change your view of a human's place in the universe?
4) Would you be comfortable living in a world with human genetic engineering?

Discussion: The Five Eyes essay by C.T. Shen
How would the Bodhisattva answer the questions Who am I? Where am I? and What am I for?

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