Friday, November 11, 2011

Consumer Demand for Oil/Products

Which insights on Consumer Demand for Oil/Products most  illuminate the irrational quest for oil ?  What was surprising?
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  1. Comment for Sarah G.--
    You present really intriguing insights of the consumer and the harmful effects one’s purchases can have on the world. When buying make-up or other petroleum-based products, the contents within the products are often the last thing on their mind. I like how you argue for people to become “conscious consumers” and take responsibility for their actions. (Margot Young)

  2. Emmy
    I really like you asking if petroleum is stil "fueling" our economy or leaving our country dry, in the introduction, because it made me think of that while I read the paper. It was interesting how you incorporated both the pros (automobile industry, war, jobs) and the cons (DDT, environmental) of petroleum. Although, you provided many pros of how petroleum helped the US become what it is today, I still finished the essay thinking its a product that's too good to be true, and at some point, will exhaust our country entirely. (Molly Morrison)

  3. for Grant from Dan V
    I agree with you that we are a consumer society. I especially enjoyed how you connected oil products to todays petroleum use. I think that as consumers WE all need to take a step back and really think about the products we buy, and look at the products lifetime, as well as if we really need them.

  4. Emmy, from Chris

    Your document has changed my views on consumerism for some reason! It has made me see it in a more realistic, positive, and less emotional light. I used to look at all the negative sides and wonder why anyone would be a consumer in their right mind. But you lay out the framework for consumerism, that it started as a necessity and only recently become over-consumption. Your article made me realize that people are merely just trying to better their lives and the country's economy, and for that reason I will now have a much better understanding of consumerism. Thanks you Emmy!

  5. Grant-
    I thought your article had a lot of information dealing with the problem that the consumers are causing. It is so true that so many people acknowledge what they are doing to environment and knowingly just sit back and watch global warming worsening year after year. I thought your solutions for the consumer were very reasonable, not deciding that everybody has to make drastic changes to their lives, but more realistic solutions. Nice job!
    (Allie Koplan)

  6. Sarah G

    It is shocking to think about how much petroleum products are used everyday and how harmful they can be. I also agree with your statement about how people are too busy consuming petroleum products to see that these products could actually be hazardous to their health. If there was a greater understanding among the public about these hazards, I am sure that petroleum products would see a decline in production. Great job.
    (Brett B)

  7. Emmy,
    Your article was great! It was well organized and flowed nicely. You had good points and backed them up. The particular use of pictures was helpful. Nice job!


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