Friday, November 11, 2011

Environmental Costs of Oil

Which insights on the Environmental Costs of Oil best  illuminate the irrational quest for oil ?  What was surprising?
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  1. To Ben L (Brosef)

    I can very much relate to the pessimism you share in your article. Even though people may say it's bad to look at the "dark side" of oil, it is not only necessary but an urgent responsibility. It's like you said, a crack addict will get his fix no matter what, even if that is violence. That explains the wars in the middle east, even though they have been put off as a war on terrorism, we should really be seen as the terrorists. And to relate to the environmental side of your story, all I have for you is a comic.

    Chris G

  2. To Allie

    I liked how you talked about how oil drilling was a selfish short-term gain. I completely agree with that. Also talking about the environmental impact of the BP oil spill was a nice reminder of how our actions can so negatively effect the things around us. Great job and very informative.

    Brett B

  3. To Allie

    I found it very interesting when you mentioned that although oil companies have the knowledge of what harm oil can have on the world, they still continue to drill it and we continue to use it. That makes me think of a part in Moby Dick (of course), which I cannot remember the exact incident, but Ishmael says, "Yet habit- strange thing!" Although we are all consciously aware of the terrors and destruction brought on by oil spills and just using oil in general, we continue to feed into that ever-diminishing resource. As I now think about how I have to go fill up my tank of gas tomorrow, my conscience is battling with that idea, for I am just another small part of this destructive machine!

    Sarah G

  4. To Benny L,

    I found your vast collection of evidence to be of great help in your argument of the ethics in America's oil addiction. What really blew me away was not only the fact that you were able to incorporate a comic strip in your presentation, but back up the message behind it with such evidence as political pay-off graphs and statistics stating that oil bribes can go up to $140k! It really made me think about how far America has fallen, and ask the question, "Is there a way to stop this?" (K-man Vassilos)

  5. To Ben,
    Wow. I did not think that our government was as corrupt and helplessly selfish as you show we are. We clearly have a problem with the oil crisis and your comparison of the US to a crack addict is nothing short of spot on. This was very intriguing and fun to read. Your insight as to republicans vs deocrats was very interesting and you kept it unbiased by adding the fact that Nixon created the EPA. Very nice!


  6. Allie,
    Your article made me think about the long term effects oil spills have on eco-systems, where before I had only considered the short term effects, like "x amount of birds were killed." While that too is devastating, I wonder how oil spills affect birthing and animal migration. It makes me think of March of the Penguins... what if the mothers never reunited with their babies! I'm surprised that ships carrying oil do not have more regulations to fulfill before taking off, because oil spills should not be of multiple occurrence.
    -annalee soskin

  7. Ben L,
    Good points! Your article was well organized and enjoyable to read. I liked how you started with an event (Kyoto Protocol). The idea that the US is stuck in the past worked well, along with all your points on why we aren't a part of the protocol.
    Awesome job!!


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