Friday, November 11, 2011

Corporate Oil Interests

Which insights on Corporate Oil Interests best  illuminate the irrational quest for oil ?  What was surprising?
Nora  ---
Krista  ---
 Kyle --
Ilanah --

Please provide useful feedback to your classmates by November 18.


  1. Comment for Nora--

    Your article was insightful and interesting! Your points about government corruption and support for the oil industry seemed to parallel my research paper last year about the effects of agribusinesses on the meat industry. Therefore, it seems this problem is across the board in the United States. It was strange though for me to see that our oil addiction is deeper rooted than a desire for large cars and big houses. And I agree that the media tells us that we will never run out of oil. But if people think a resource is endless, they will be much less likely to change. Your article further proved to me that many of our country's problems could be solved if business and government were separated so that corporate ties could not effect the policies and decisions that effect the entire country- and even the entire world. (Victoria R)

  2. Kyle,
    I really enjoyed reading your fleepshnack, it was very well written and was packed full of interesting facts. Your background on whale oil was extremely insightful and I would not have known that a man in congress compared whale oil to crude oil recently. I find the connections between the two very strong and your article really brought them together. The US needs to find a better way to get our energy and you really showed this by comparing our current situation to the situation with whale oil. Good job



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