Friday, November 11, 2011

US Role in Middle East

Which insights on the US Role in Middle East  most  illuminate the irrational quest for oil ?  What was surprising?
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  1. Comment at Michael--

    I had no idea that the reason America got involved in Libya was for oil. I probably should have as it has been in the news for months, but I didn't realize it was oil related. The media makes out the military to be freedom fighters, when in reality all they are there for is the oil. The comment you make about why we aren't in China and are instead in Iraq is what really stuck with me. You make a good point about that and it makes me disgusted with this country. Unfortunately it is a harsh reality to deal with that we need oil, but I just wish a bit more action was being taken so that instead of fighting for oil, we could actually be fighting for freedom. (Grant Troester)

  2. Comment for John L--

    Your information about the United States' relationship with Saddam Hussein was very surprising! I would never have expected that the same person our country just spent so many years fighting is a person that we once supported. I also thought your idea that the United States did not receive too much criticism for their actions in Iraq because every country would have acted the same when oil resources were in question was interesting. It is always amazing to see how many people view a war over oil as acceptable. (Victoria R)

  3. Michael,

    I like the analogy you made between Ahab/United States and Moby Dick/Libya's oil. It's hard to disagree with the argument that America's intentions lie with oil, and through your background of the history of Libya and the American influence, you substantially support it. Our government said NATO's role in Libya was to force Gaddafi out of power and aide the rebels, but you point out, essentially, the elephant in the room: that the US had one clear goal, and that was to obtain petroleum.


  4. John L,

    I had no idea that the US was originally an ally and had a close relationship with Saddam hussein. It did seem very convient that we all of a sudden suspected there were WMD in Iraq when we felt we needed oil. Now that I think back, there really wasn't much resistance from other countries, In fact, countries like Great Britain joined us in the fight and it very well could have been for oil security as well. I also think you have a very strong conclusion and you do a great job of tying it back to Ahab and Moby Dick.(James Rabjohns)


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