Friday, November 11, 2011


Which insights on OPEC most  illuminate the irrational quest for oil ?  What was surprising? 

Steven -
Please provide useful feedback to your classmates by November 18.


  1. Comment for Tejas--

    As someone who shamefully never knew what OPEC is, your article gave me a good understanding of the organization and its immense control. Your argument that the U.S. wants to regain the power that OPEC took from it is strong and well supported- especially with the examples of the powerlessness of the U.S. in the hands of OPEC. And while this was only a minor section of your article, I found it very interesting that OPEC felt the need to declare that the natural resources in a country are their own. This seems like a very basic idea and yet so many instances in history show an utter disregard for this fundamental idea. (Victoria R)

  2. Tejas

    I thought it was really interesting how you talked about the race for control over oil. I didn't know much about OPEC before I read your Flipsnack and I am shocked about the power that OPEC has. It made me think about how large oil's influence is one everybody. It also makes me wonder about how OPEC will do when we all run out of oil in the future.

  3. Ellen,
    Your article, like some others, touches on the importance of and connection between oil and popular products of society which is a very effective point. You then go on to talk about the power that comes with resources. Its an interesting idea that "the way to gain power is to gain control of valuable resources". There is so much truth in this statement but it is something that most people probably don't think of. You wrote a good article that brings up ideas I've never really thought about. (Krista M)


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