Friday, October 22, 2010

The House of Logikos Wins 100 points - clothing presentation

Announcements: Congratulations to the House of Logikos! excellent clothing, music/choreography

1.) Video Yearbook Opportunity:
 We have an opportunity to create slides for the hallway monitors and to submit video for the Video   Yearbook. PR committee could get on this, or any individual can do it!!

a)  Pictures:  in the Ndrive/classes/IGSS/2010picsandvids. The images need to be .jpg or .psd,

1920x1080 @ 96dpi

b.)  Videos: also in the folder above. Trim to 30 seconds or less. Name them, put them back in the folder, and email Vargas to state the title of the file.

2. ) State of the Plate Conference: IGSS has been allowed invited to bring 30 students to State of the Plate, the Midwest’s first one-day conference to develop and share best practices, information, and strategies for creating a sustainable meat supply in the region, is happening November 17 at the Harold Washington Library Center and Robert Morris University. The agenda includes:

* Keynotes by Robert Kenner, writer/director of the Academy Award-nominated Food, Inc. and Fedele Bauccio, CEO of Bon Appetit Management Company

* Panel discussions with leaders such as rancher and television news anchor Bill Kurtis, Paul Willis of Niman Ranch, policy experts; academic leaders; and diverse Midwestern distributors and producers that use various practices and feeding styles to raise animals sustainably

* Reception at Robert Morris University’s Culinary School led by students, chefs, and farmers with taste-testing and sampling of various meat products available for sale to restaurant and food-service purchasers

* Viewing of Food, Inc. followed with a Question and Answer session by Robert Kenner

* Pre- and post-event receptions with elected officials, culinary leaders, city commissioners, and dignitaries as well as supporters, sponsors, and panelists, with a short program to highlight food-related public health and environmental threats and the opportunities for change

3.) Consider coming to a presentation "The Power of the Arts: Habits of Mind and Mood" by Ellen Winner, PhD, Chair of the Dept of Psychology at Boston College and Senior Researcher for Project Zero at Harvard University on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010 at 7:00pm in the Skokie School Auditorium, 520 Glendale Ave. in Winnetka.

This presentation is sponsored by FAN, Northlight Theatre, Chicago Children's Museum, The Skokie School, and Careleton Washburne School.

Ludolph Lecture on Designing Scientific Studies: for the purpose of studying a justice topic which will culminate in production of a documentary film.

Three Types of Studies
A. Observational Studies - no independent variable; use bar graphs & charts
B. Controlled Experiments - involves changing an independent variable - on 'x axis' --here you are tying to prove cause & effect: results in a graph
C. Correlational Studies - how one variable affects another variable; e.g. the effect of drinking alchohol on a pregnant woman. This is not ethical to actually test so the scientist must interview pregnant women.

Components of all studies:

1. Make observation
2. State question or problem; hypothesis
3. collecting and recording data
4. data
5. Communication of data

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