Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thomas Pogge: "Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty"

Seniors are reading the German philospher, Thomas Pogge who is a
Professor of Political Science at Columbia University. Pogge is also Research Director in the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo, and Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Professional Ethics at the University of Central Lancashire.

To what extent are citizens of richer countries obliged to help those from poorer countries? Pogge's argument is that the global poor should be helping the poor because it fulfills their obligation to refrain from harming.

Global Economic Justice reading: "Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty" by Thomas Pogge.
Tag-team analysis of the reading - students work in pairs to dig into the argument:

What is Pogge's main argument?  
Pogge’s analysis of the international institutions and NGOs shows how the world’s poor are not merely suffering because wealthy nations are doing too little to help; they are being actively and wrongly harmed by a system of global political and economic arrangements that is disproportionately shaped by and for wealthy Western societies.

Further, he argues that the  Human and Gender‐Related Development Index, and the World Bank's Poverty Index are deeply flawed and therefore distort our moral judgments and misguide resource allocations by governments, international agencies, and NGOs.

Is Pogge a moral relativist?

see also: UNU Lecture Series ‘Emerging Thinking on Global Issues (II)’: Human Rights: The Second 60 Years, and interview with Pogge in 2008.

Final hour:
Country / Region Project Research Time.

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