Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watching Documentaries

In preparation for a future assignment which requires students to research and make a documentary film, we are viewing documentaries today and using these questions for discussion.

IGSS Documentary Questions

What tactics did interviewers take when interviewees misunderstood, felt offended, were confused or merely presented a “yes” or “no” answer to a given question?

Which visual techniques best helped to tell the story being told through a documentary?

What would you guess are the benefits of interviewing a sample population rather than narrowing the focus to a specific age group, gender, race social class, etc. Disadvantages?

What type of pleas were embedded within the documentaries? Which pleas were most effective and why?

What effect does the choice of music have on an audience? How does the choice of music affect the type of plea that a documentary maker puts forth?

How does the use of a narrator effect our reaction to the way in which a story is told?

Which documentaries told the most convincing story or made their point most strongly? Which techniques kept you as an audience member most engaged in any of the documentaries?

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