Monday, October 25, 2010

Town Hall Meeting -- Justice Paper due Today!

I.   Town Hall Meeting
II.  Committee Work - sign up for Committees online
 a) Water Committee: Continue efforts to reduce NT dependence on bottled water. Sell IGSS water bottles. Speak to adviseries about bottled water. Bookstore will sell 21 oz NT reusable water bottle. Jeremy will speak to faculty on Tuesday and hoping for the no bottled policy to continue.
b) Advisery Visits and PR for IGSS:  do visuals; sign up for slots to meet with adviseries
c) Lighting Group:  setting up all school blackouts with Dr. Dohrer
d) Other environmental efforts:  lunchroom, paper, Styrofoam, food offerings.
e) Global Connections with Other Kids: investigate Global LAB
f)  Hosting a Global Justice Youth Summit:  bring in speakers; preparing a proposal to the larger group
g) Service Projects setting up projects - allowed to use house points
h) IGSS social community days - mini shark (pet)
i)  Vegetarian Committee - lunch room; create better food options in student dining room
j)  IGSS curriculum - choose a unit to develop which fits into curriculum

III.  IGSS Film Fest will happen at Wilmette Theater

IV.  Becky's presentation --Campaign to Stop Killer Coke! -- see Campus Activism packet
from their website:  
"Dear Sisters & Brothers:
Strong labor unions are critical to improve wages, working conditions and human rights for all workers and for democracies to flourish. For workers in Colombia and Guatemala, a strong union can also mean the difference between life and death.
The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke originated to stop the gruesome cycle of violence against union leaders and organizers in Colombia in efforts to crush their union, SINALTRAINAL. Since then, violence, abuse and exploitation leveled against Coke workers and communities have been uncovered in other countries as well, notably China, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico and Turkey."
Letter writing campaign? 

V. Narrative Assessment for 1st Quarter - Completing student reflections
     A. IGSS Skills and Habits of Mind
          email text - t
o Colby who will copy & paste into your Narrative--1 paragraph is enough
     B. Social Studies Descriptors
     C. Science Descriptors
     D. English Descriptors

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