Monday, October 4, 2010

Town Hall Meeting Today in the EPI Center

Information items:
Letter grade translation decisions must be made by October 12, prior to the end of Quarter 1.

Summarized rubrics from Think Tank projects are completed. You will see these in your narrative assessments.

Show and Wow! today - John Noyes

Alex Fuhr: - trying to fund raise for Burma and bring in a speaker for IGSS.  This idea will go to the service committee for further discussion.

Jeremy: shared video - Amigos de las Americas documentary about summer volunteer program in Central America. 

See more links to this wonderful life-changing opportunity:

Recent Amigos Videos [from their website]

Picnic - Wed. 11:45 on East Practice Field
Weenie/tofu Roast provided by IGSS
Elle is organizing condiments; Ali - organizing drinks; Nora - organizing Chips ; Annalee- organizing desserts

Advisery visits to promote the use of water bottles are underway. The main goal is to educate New Trier as to the water bottle decision. Sign up if you are interested in helping.

House Selection during Town Hall:

No, we're not talking real estate, we're talking small communities within the larger IGSS community.
Sign up for one of the six IGSS houses.

Seniors - have new embedded calendar on BlackBoard for seniors only. Check your assignments on a daily basis.

Oedipus: HW: Scene II-half of Scene III
Today's check for understanding:

1.  Why did the townspeople come to Oedipus and what do they want from him.
2. What past event triggered this plague?
3. What did Oedipus decide to do about the plague and why?
4. What did Creon hear at Delphi and how does this affect the townspeople?
5. Why doesn't Teiresias share his misery with Oedipus at first?

Discussion of Ethical Issues:

Should people of a higher status be able to follow different laws than the citizenry?  Why or why not? Drawbacks/benefits? Should Oedipus be able to follow different laws?

Tomorrow:  Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty

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