Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Orienteering Excursion Next Week Oct 5

Survey: Do you have a bike/helmet for next Monday's excursion?

: The Five Eyes by C.T.Shen - annotate this essay by Thursday. Click here for online version.
Buddha said that "with the physical eye and the heavenly eye one sees the incomplete, changeable and unreal world as complete, permanent and real. One becomes attached to it and that is why man suffers." With the wisdom eye one sees that everything in the universe is impermanent and unreal --the other extreme. What is ideal is to see the world with a Dharma eye which automatically generates "an unconditional, non-discriminative, universal love and compassion. The dharma eye sees the infinite aspect of the truth (like space astronomers) and sees no attachment to self, to objects, to actions, or to time.

Due tomorrow: Major writing assignment Who am I? Where am I? What am I for?

Cosmic Objects assessment: student activity "By the Light of a Star"
Cosmic Objects presentation - Questions:
How do scientists determine the features of the cosmic object and why is it important to study it?

Work on Paradigm Shifts project today in collaborative groups. Presentations start tomorrow for seniors on Paradigm Shifts. Juniors have U.S. Constitution test.

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