Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11

Remembering September 11

How does this change our world?

Students reflected on how this impacted and affected the nation and world.Events like these can sometimes turn us against fellow citizens. Also finger pointing...who's at fault? Also a surge of patriotism - how we all came together. Hatred of us increased sense of love, especially in NYC. It also impacted the world. This one event has altered the daily fabric of our life and remains a part of our consciousness.

Patriot Act emerged from this act of terrorism, which brought up ethical debates around privacy issues.

America's image of itself is forever altered. Some feel that airport security makes us feel safer. This was a definite wake up call for America.

Feedback on Mountains Beyond Mountains essays; feedback and rubrics distributed for Plan of Action: What do You Care about; example portfolio shown with narrative feedback on student work.

Cynical Cosmogony: clips from Matrix film about the nature of the Universe and the architect who's running things with mathematical precision. Interesting discussions about free will and choice.

Cosmogony PowerPoint available
on BlackBoard.
Each of these images represents one historical or current society’s view of the universe and how it came about. View the slideshow with a partner.
2. Choose two images and insert a text box (you can move or shrink the image if you like) with your comments on the following questions:
A. Where and when do you think this is from? What are the clues?
B. What sort of universe did this society believe in? What can you learn about the society, based on this cosmogony?
C. How does this belief mesh with yours? Modern western beliefs?

Outdoor activity: creating a timeline of the universe. Create a visual representation of what we believe to be the lifespan of our universe. Students created a timeline of the universe. Put separate events on charts, then spread out on the practice field making a scale model of the timeline.
Then one parnter jogged the distance with Mr. Vargas while Mr. Markham filmed it.
Students discovered that humans a just a blip of time in our universe.

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