Friday, September 25, 2009

Paradigm Shifts That Rocked our World

Paradigm Shift Topic Presentations:
Discussion of Sample Lesson Plans - Students are teaching a lesson & need to create interaction. Preliminary lesson plans are due today.

Collaboration Time for Groups/Research Day

Due Dates:
Wednesday September 30 - Seniors only
Ecology - Joe & Ellen
Computers - Patrick & Ryan
Freud - Josie, Corey, Drew

Friday, October 2
11:45- 1:15
Darwin - Christian, James Leslie, Gabby
Heredity - Josh Alex L. Annie
Photography - Jessica John
The Pill - Elle , Alex
Nationalism - Jesse, Nik, Bella

1:15 - 2:40
Freud - Katie K. Claire x2, Emily
Space Travel - Dylan, Ali
Sept 11 - Liza, Anna, Jeremy
The Pill - Rene, Hanna
Monotheiism - Rachel, Spencer, Danielle

Friday Town Hall Meeting:
Showing of IGSS film made by Mr. Vargas which was shown to parents at IGSS Open House.
To Do's Today --Continue planning
Brainstorming sessions for 10 minutes
Report out to larger group

IGSS folder of film images on N: drive Classes folder

Dylan's Poster

Service Projects - narrow and choose one

Pen Pals


Food Committee

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