Friday, September 4, 2009

We We Care About Poster Sessions Today

Students set up displays with posters and computers to display and speak about their plans of action for problem solving.

Students will view all projects, leaving comments, answering questions. Teachers will assess projects with a rubric.

Introduction of new Origins Unit. Solar System mapping done out of doors - a live scale model. Sun began at the train tracks, planets mapped all the way east on Winnekta Ave to Pluto. I learned that Pluto is now NOT a real planet. Students filmed the experience.

First reading assignments for the solar system and big bang theory are assigned:

!) Big Bang Theory - Encyclopedia of of Earth Sciences

2) Follow the Bouncing Universe Martin Bojowald. Scientific American. New York: Oct 2008. Vol. 299, Iss. 4; p. 44
These are available from Blackboard and our Origins of the Universe resource page.

Town hall committee time to plan initiatives discussed last week: Nine standing committees.
1) Flag Committee
2) Show & Tell Committee
3) Public Relations: Adviser/Recruitment
4) Social Committee
5) Global Food Day/Food Committee
6) Fund Raisers/Senior Carnival
7) Pen Pal Committee
8) Room Arrangements - mural & pet
9) Music Mondays and Film Fridays & Global Culture/Art days

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