Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Questions: Writing Assignment

Discussion of writing expectations and essay criteria:

This essay is largely a formal paper but also a creative paper answering Where am I?,What am I?, and What am I for?

Short Essays returned:
Paragraph response for Vonnegut's Siren's of Titan: Why was the Space Wanderer was exiled? This is one of four writing samples for 1st Quarter assessment.

Discussion of writing prompt:
Discuss why you think Vonnegut begins with this thought: "I guess somebody up there likes me" --Malachi Constant

Explore the role that this epigram plays in the overall plot and message of this book.

Science Lab: Visible Light Spectrum
Electromagnetic spectrum - ultraviolet light and filters - Next Tuesday
X-Rays, UV Rays, MRI
Using red and green gels, predict what the spectrum will look like when you place a gel in the beam of the projector.
Predictions; Observations; Conclusions - Explain your reasoning & results.

Click here to visualize the Doppler effect.
Exploring The Doppler Effect
= astronomers explore the universe with spectroscopy to determine the speed at which celestial objects are moving towards or away from us.
A student suggested this valuable website for understanding the Visible Light Spectrum.

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