Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paradigm Shift Research began on Tuesday

Students spent about half the IGSS time in the library yesterday researching their paradigm shifts for presentations on Sept 30. Other half of IGSS was devoted to a Science lab review session for the Universe/Origins unit.

Juniors: Constitution Test Review session today. Each student became expert on an an amendment or topic or Constitutional concept to share out with the class.

Seniors: writing in-class essay

Review of expectations for Paradigm Shift project.
The project must be related to SOME of the essential questions for the Origins Unit:
What is the basic nature of the universe?
Does the universe have a purpose?
Was the universe created for a reason? Is it merely a giant accident?
What is consciousness? Is procreation really what it's all about? Am I here to help others or just myself and my people? Can I tell the difference between good and evil enough to act?

Seniors: Metaphysics and Argumentation

Reality is often science-based but metaphysics goes beyond disciplines to ask "what is real?"
Is reality made up of matter (objective world) or is the world what we see (my perceptions)?
Handouts: Hobbes and the Materialists
Reality Consists of Ideas - George Berkeley

Using Metaphysics and Argumentation to Decide about God
1. Anselm's Ontological Argument
2. Aquinas' Cosmological Argument
3. Paley's Teleological Argument (The Argument from Design)

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