Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Origins Unit: Creation Stories - 3 reenactments

Students performed in small groups the Sumerian, Chinese Northeast Indian, Mayan, North American and Japanese tales.
Commonalities: supernatural & other worldly events; anthropogenic/anthropomorphic (processes derived from human activity); culture as central; centrality of nature and elements; competition & conflict; ethnocentric aspects; patriarchal; progression from chaos to order.

Cosmogonic narratives provide insights into the culture that created them.

How can these tales be with modern scientific explanations of human origins?
1) nothingness; instant "life"
2) Heaven/earth dichotomy

Is 21st Century Science myth-making? Does science create truth?
Science and mythology both attempt to classify, quantify, simplify our experience in the world. Science does not claim to be truth; science tries to continually test/prove its theories.

Junior students: U.S. History --Constitution

Seniors: guest speaker, college counselor Gretchen Stauder: how to write the college essay.
English assignment for Our Universe. Develop some sensible connections between the questions Where am I? What am I? What am I for? See Blackboard for related questions about your place in the Universe.

Juniors -- English discussion Sirens of Titan

Seniors - Cosmological journals

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